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HDFC Full form stands for  Housing Development Finance Corporation

HDFC History

HDFC Established/Founded in the year 1994 which was inaugurated by Dr. Manmohan Singh, the then Finance Minister of India . the Bank has a wide Network of More than 5500 branches and 15,292 ATMs spread across 2,764 cities in India. HDFC Headquatered Situated in Mumbai, Maharastra the HDFC is the Largest Private Sector Bank in India.


The first corporate office and Full-Service Branch of HDFC Bank were opened at Sandoz House, World. HDFC was among the first Financial institute in which received an “in principle” approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It was for the incorporation of a Private Sector Bank in India. So the HDFC Full forms tands for  Housing Development Finance Corporation .

Founder of HDFC

HDFC was founded by Hasmukh Thakordas Parekh, who was a philanthropist, economist, entrepreneur, and writer. He was born on 10th March 1911 in Surat (British India). The London School of Economics awarded him the honorary Padma Bhushan and fellowship. He also played an instrumental role in the development of the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, now called the ICICI bank

HDFC Bank Product & Services 

HDFC offer various product and services to their customers as mentioned below :-

  • Deposit account – Saving and current
  • Loan
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Recurring deposit
  • Card – Credit card and Debit card
  • Internet Banking & Mobile banking
  • ATM
  • Mutual fund
  • Insaurance
  • Many more

Under the HDFC treasury Service, HDFC Bank also helps the Businesses to generate better Returns and Manage their Financial Risks Involved. 

Core values of HDFC

  • Integrity
  • Professional Service
  • Trust
  • Transparency

HDFC Full Form 100% Justify its Name which is Housing Development Finance Corporation. Since Incorporation HDFC Has Been Expertise in Retail Mortgage Laon with Well Build Market Reputation. 

Eminent Subsidiaries of the HDFC Bank

Hdfc full form
HDFC Bank Ltd
HDFC Developers Ltd
HDFC Trustee Company Ltd
HDFC Investments Ltd
HDFC Venture Capital Ltd
HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company Ltd
HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Ltd
HDFC Realty Ltd
HDFC Holdings Ltd
HDFC Property Ventures Ltd
HDFC Bank full Detail  | Knowledge on HDFC Bank | History of HDFC Bank


In short, HDFC is an Indian-based financial services corporation with a presence in insurance, pension, educational loans, personal loans, real estate and infrastructure development, general insurance, housing finance, mutual funds, and customized investment products and many other services. It has also formed a Sec 8 company (erstwhile Sec 25 company), i.e., a non-profit motive. It has many subsidiaries and associate companies and has also entered into joint ventures with some foreign companies.

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