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HTTP Full Form

HTTP Full Form stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol”

What is HTTP

HTTP full form is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Is An Application Protocol Used For Data Communication. HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a set of rules for transporting files (text, image, graphic, audio, video, and other multimedia files) to the World Wide Web (WWW). It Is An Underlying Protocol Used By The World Wide Web And This Protocol Defines How Messages Are Formatted And Transmitted, And What Actions Web Servers And Browsers Should Take In Response To many Commands…

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HTTP Is most commonly Used By Most Of The Websites To Access Any File Or Page. HTTP Is A Request-Response Protocol In The Client-Server Computing Model. It Is An Application Layer Protocol Designed Within The Framework Of Internet Protocol Suite. It Is Developed Within The Foundation Of Internet Protocol Suite As An Application Layer Protocol. For example: If you want to access any website like www.successcds.net then you write: http://www.fullformtutor. We hope you got a full form of HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol


Tim Berners-Lee’s first time created HTTP in the early 1990s as part of his work in defining the original WWW. Three primary versions were widely broadcast during the 1990s.

HTTP 0.9 (to support basic hypertext documents)

HTTP 1.0 (extension to support rich websites and scalability)

HTTP 1.1 (developed to address the performance limitation of HTTP 1.0, which is specified in Internet RFC 2068)

The commonly used latest version of HTTP 2.0 became an approved standard in the year 2015. It retains backward compatibility with HTTP 1.1 but bids many additional performance gains. While Standard HTTP doesn’t encrypt any data on a network, HTTPS Standard was advanced with encryption with the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS).

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How does HTTP Works ?


When any User Wants To Access Any Specific File Or Page And Enters A URL In His search engine/Web Browser, Then The Browser prepared An HTTP Request And transport It To The Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) Specified By The URL, And Then The Protocol Extract/scrap Information From The Server And Responses Back That Requested desired Web Page To The Client. A User Requires To add HTTP Before The Address Of The Page

What does hypertext stand for?

A text containing a link or URL within it is known as hypertext. If anybody clicks on that word on a webpage and it redirects you on a new page, it means you have clicked on a hypertext.

Advantages of HTTP

Without having to inquire the sender what application must be used to read or view the contents of the file, this allows the application which is at receiving end to rapidly access the incoming file.

HTTP allows more than one connection link to download different contents or material simultaneously, therefore it increases the transmission of data on a browser server.

Mapping IP addresses to simply in an easy way to identify names, made the World Wide Web (WWW) economically feasible.

The user can fastly download extensions or plug-ins if further abilities are required to expose to view the data. These add-ons comprise Flash players and PDF documents, readers.

Disadvantages of HTTP

A user can get a threat to his privacy or the data of users may be hacked because the Information sent through HTTP by the user is not encrypted. so it is not safe for the user .

Packet headers are larger in size than other protocols as they are required for the purposes of security and quality assurance of the information being transferred.

HTTP is much slower than other native protocols.

Information sent by a user through a browser can leave unprotected his system of the computer to virtual threats or being a cyber victim.So The full form of HTTP stand for Hypertext Transfer Protocol .

HTTP [Hypetext Transport Protocol] tutorial in depth | HTTP Protocol Tutorial

Other related full form

AGP full form– Accelerated Graphics Port

AMR full form– Adaptive Multi-Rate

API full form – Application Programming Interface

ASCII full form – American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ATA full form– Advanced Technology Attachment

BIOS full form – Basic Input Output System

CD full form – Compact Disc

CD-R full form – CD-Recordable

CD-ROM full form – CD Read-Only Memory

CD-RW full form – CD-Rewritable

CPU full form – Central Processing Unit

CRT full form – Cathode Ray Tube

CSE full form– Computer Science & Engineering

DAT full form – Digital Audio Tape

DB full form – Database

DDoS full form – Distributed Denial of Service

DIVX full form – Digital Video Express

DNS full form – Domain Name System

DoS full form – Denial of Service

DOS full form – Disk Operating System

DPI full form – Dots Per Inch

DVD full form – Digital Video Disc

DVD-R full form – DVD-Recordable

DVD-ROM full form – DVD-Read Only Memory

DVD-RW full form – DVD-Rewritable

FAQ full form – Frequently Asked Questions

FAT full form – File Allocation Table

GB full form– Giga Byte

GIF full form – Graphics Interchange Format

HDD full form – Hard Disk Drive

HDMI full form – High-Definition Multimedia Interface

HTML full form – Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP full form – Hypertext Transfer Protocol

ICP full form – Internet Cache Protocol

IP full form– Internet Protocol

ISP full form – Internet Service Provider

IT full form – Information Technology

J2EE full form – Java 2 Enterprise Edition

J2ME full form – Java 2 Micro Edition

J2SE full form – Java 2 Standard Edition

JPEG full form – Joint Photographic Experts Group

JRE full form – Java Runtime Environment

JS full form – JavaScript

KB full form – Kilo Byte

LAN full form – Local Area Network

LCD full form – Liquid Crystal Display

LED full form – Light Emitting Diode

LPI full form – Linux Professional Institute

LUG full form – Linux User Group

MAC full form – Media Access Control

MB full form – Mega Byte

MBps full form  –  Megabytes Per Second

Mbps full form – Megabits Per Second

MD5 full form – Message Digest 5

MODEM full form – MOdulator-DEModulator

MIDI full form – Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MP3 full form – Motion Pictures Experts Group Layer – 3

MPEG full form – Motion Pictures Experts Group

MS-DOS full form – Microsoft Disk Operating System

NTFS full form – New Technology File System

Open GL full form  – Open Graphics Library

OS full form– Operating System

P2P full form – Peer-To-Peer

PCI full form – Peripheral Component Interconnect

PDA full form – Personal Digital Assistant

PDF full form – Portable Document Format

PERL full form– Practical Extraction and reporting language

PHP full form – PHP Hypertext Processor

PNG full form– Portable Network Graphics

PnP full form– Plug and Play

QVGA full form – Quarter Video Graphics Array

RAM full form– Random Access Memory

ROM full form– Read Only Memory

RTC full form – Real Time Clock

SATA full form – Serial ATA

SD full form – Secure Digital

SHA full form – Secure Hash Algorithm

SQL full form – Structured Query Language

SVGA full form – Super Video Graphics Array

TB full form – Tera Byte

TCP full form – Transmission Control Protocol

UAC full form – User Account Control

UI full form – User Interface

UNIX full form  – Uniplexed Information and Computer System

UPS full form – Uninterruptible Power Supply

URL full form – Uniform Resource Locator

USB full form – Universal Serial Bus

UTC full form – Coordinated Universal Time

VGA full form  – Video Graphics Array

Virus full form  – Vital Information Resources Under Seize

VoIP full form – Voice over Internet Protocol

VPN- full form  Virtual Private Network

WAN full form– Wide Area Network

WAP full form– Wireless Access Point

WiFi  full form– Wireless Fidelity

WiMAX full form– Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

WLAN full form– Wireless Local Area Network

WWW full form – World Wide Web

XML full form – Extensible Markup Language

XSS full form– Cross-Site Scripting


We hope you got the full form of HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol .we hope all of your doubts related to HTTP full form and all necessary basic information about HTTP have been cleared. If you have any other Doubts and corrections related to this topic kindly make sure to ask us in the Comment section and if you like this topic kindly share with your friends on Facebook Twitter and WhatsApp.

Thank you

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