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CPS – Constant Pressure System

The  CPS full form is Constant Pressure System, or CPS, is in physics terms a perfect design used for certain water guns. CPS water guns are powered by a rubber bladder inflated with water. It is patented by Lonnie Johnson (the inventor of the super soaker) as “bladder water gun.CPS – Constant Pressure System

Constant Pressure System VS Standard Pressure System

CPS – Cancer Prevention Survey

The CSP full form stands for Cancer Prevention Survey More than a third patient of cancers can be prevented through healthier lifestyle choices. To reduce cancer risk among the new generations it is therefore important for Cancer Council to have a clear understanding of this factor as below :

  1. the prevalence of behaviors associated with increased cancer risk
  2. the NSW community’s knowledge of cancer risk factors
  3. barriers to and enabling factors that support a “cancer smart” lifestyle.

To better understand these factors, Cancer Council NSW conducted an online survey which is called Cancer Prevention Survey of over 3,000 adults living in NSW. A total of 2,473 adults completed the tobacco control module, which covered issues relating to:

  1. smoking status
  2. passive smoking
  3. smoking and inequality
  4. tobacco control policies

here below in this video you can have deep knoweldge about myths, beliefs, best diet for cancer prevention

Nutrition: myths, beliefs, best diet for cancer prevention

CPS – Centimeters Per Second

The Full form of CPS in terms of Speed/velocity measuring Unit is Centimeters per second is a measurement of speed expressing the distance traveled in centimeters in one second. The CPS, or centimeter per second, is an SI unit of speed in the metric system. The velocity in centimeters per second is equal to the distance in centimeters divided by time in seconds

CPS – Cost Per Sale

The CPS full form is cost per sale , also known as the pay per sale, is a metric used by advertising teams to determine the amount of money paid for every sale generated by a specific advertisement. Understanding and tracking the CPS allows advertisers to take steps to reduce their costs, thus increasing profit and optimizing productivity.

To calculate cost per sale, the ad team must first set a budget and a date range for the campaign. Once the ad is active, every single sale is tracked during the selected time period. Then, as mentioned above, the total cost of the campaign is divided by the number of sales made to determine the cost per sale.

CPS = total cost / sum of sales

How To Optimize Facebook Ads - Increase Sales, Lower Cost per Conversion, Scale Your Ads!

CPS – Cash Payment System

The full form of CPS is Cash Payment System. CPS  means a payment system that generates any transfer of funds through a transaction originated by cash, check, or similar paper instrument. that is called CPS .In the below video you can learn about digital payment sysytme

Digital Payment System – Digital Currencies, Digicash, Cyber Cash, Ecash and Smart Cards

CPS – Child Protective Services

The CPS full form is Child Protective Services (CPS) is the name of a governmental agency in many states of the USA responsible for providing child protection, which includes responding to reports of child abuse or neglect. In the below video you can have comprehensive knowledge about Child Protective Services (CPS)

Child Protective Service Process - Part 1

CPS- Corporate Prevention Services

The Full form of CPS is Corporate Prevention Services which Identification and management of risks are important aspects of business management. Prevention Services fall in the following categories:

  • Well Control Contingency Planning Services
  • Well Control Audits
  • Well-based Underground Storage
  • Emergency Response Drills
  • Drill Well on Paper
  • Hazard Operability Study
  • Hazard Identification Study

Other Full form of CPS

  1. CPS – Calgary Police Service
  2. CPS – Crime Prosecution Service
  3. CPS – Crown Prosecution Service
  4. CPS – Current Protection Subdomain
  5. CPS – Classroom Performance System
  6. CPS – Certified Purchasing Supervisor
  7. CPS – Compendium of Pharmaceutical Specialties
  8. CPS – Certification Practice Statement
  9. CPS – Certified Professional Scopist
  10. CPS – Can’t Provide Safety
  11. CPS – Canadian Payload Specialist
  12. CPS – Complex Partial Seizure

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