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The CE full form is ” Common Era “

What is CE [Common Era]?

The full form of CE stands for Common Era and ‘CE’ means Common Era or Current Era. ‘CE’ is equal to ‘AD’ as a date and places the ‘common’ or ‘current’ era as being from the suggested birth of Christ at 1 AD (e.g. Battle of Hastings was in 1066 CE). But, it removes the explicit claim of Anno Domini which means ‘year of our Lord’. First used almost 400 years ago, it has become more popular from the late twentieth century to emphasize secularism or sensitivity to non-Christians.

Mathematically, both systems are equivalent, so 2011 CE is exactly the same as 2011 AD. Why then do we need CE and BCE when there are pre-established terms to represent these concepts? The simple answer is that they were conceived as ‘neutral’ chronological terms, expressions that are not anchored in Christianity, and are therefore sensitive to all and any of the world’s religions and belief systems. In contemporary usage, the idea has been embraced in some, mainly educational, contexts, so that for instance CE/BCE pop up in school textbooks and have been adopted by several universities on particular courses, including the Open University, the UK’s largest. Interestingly, this Ngram chart of word usage over two hundred years supports the suggestion that the expression Common Era became much more established towards the end of the 20th century.

Common Era is basically a separate way of expressing the concept denoted by the phrase Anno Domini, commonly AD for short. In chronology, AD is used after a date to pinpoint it as after the time when it is traditionally believed that Jesus Christ was born (Anno Domini is a Latin expression meaning ‘in the year of the Lord’). Its counterpart is, of course, BC, an abbreviation for before Christ used to show reference to a time before the approximate birth of Jesus Christ. , therefore, Common Era or CE for short has a respective counterpart Before Common Era, or BCE for short, which can be used as an alternative to BC.

There are big doubts about when Jesus was born that the calendar may have been inaccurate for centuries. It is possible that Jesus was born 6 years BC. And in another case, assuming a Christian perspective is somewhat culturally chauvinist. Why not a calendar based on the birth of the Buddha? Or the al-Hejira calendar in use in the Islamic World?

Thus, for these and other reasons, we now say CE instead of AD. In sum: the entire history of AD in the history of CE per definition.

History of CE [Common Era]

Though it may look like a trendy new creation, the origins of the expression of Common Era date as far back as the early 1600s. In 1635, derived from the Latin form vulgaris aerae, the expression Vulgar Era emerged, with vulgar in its original meaning of ‘of the common people’. By the early 17th century this expression had begun to take the variant form Common Era, which was introduced more widely and rapidly by Jewish academics in the mid-eighteenth century.

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