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ATM Full Form is “Automated Teller Machine

The full form of ATM is Automated Teller MachineATM is an electro-mechanical machine purpose to used for making financial transactions from a bank account. These machines are commonly used to withdraw money from personal bank accounts. Like in your bank branch the cashier, officially known as teller counts cash and handover it to the customer, in the same way machine does it for you.

ATM makes banking process very easy because these machines are automatic and there is no requirement of human cashier for transaction. The ATM machine can be of two types; one is with basic functions where you can only withdraw cash and another one is along with more advanced feature where you can also deposit cash without going to your branch counter or manual way .

In present day ATM has a loaded with lot of function along with its basic use of cash dispensing. Some of ATM are cash and cheque deposit, Fund transfer,Passbook entry , cash withdrawal and balance inquiry, new PIN generation and PIN change, mini statement, bill payments and mobile recharge etc. The first ATM was introduced by Chemical bank at New York (USA) in 1969.

ATM has rapidly improved the convenience for consumers and reduced cost of operations for banks. Customers have convenience to doing any cash and cheque transactions 24×7.

How to use an ATM in English | Easy Instructions!

Things you can do in any ATM

  • You can Donate your Money through ATM . Now you can make a donation to several of your favorite charity, Temples like Kashi Vishwanath, etc.
  • Cash Withdrawal Facility : In present day everyone knows about Cash Withdrawal
  • Balance Inquiry Through ATM : You can check your current balance form the ATM card with the help of ATM Machine.
  • Mini Statement: You can see the last 10 transactions happened in your Account with the help of this feature.This feature of ATM replacing the PassBook culture
  • You can Recharge your mobile With the help of these, you can recharge your mobile Balance anytime in nearby ATM.
  • PIN change: You can change your unique 4 digit Personal Identification Number anytime anywhere. make sure you have your register mobile number present with you while trying for Verification.
  • Request for checkbook: Now you can request for the checkbook from ATM machine instead of standing in big lines without going to Bank counter and form filling process .
  • Internal Funds Transfer: ATM help You to transfer money to any of your friends, relatives, a family member who have an account in that Bank.
  • Deposit Cash: You can deposit cash directly from an ATM machine instead of going in the bank Counter .
  • Apply for Mobile Banking: Now you can directly apply for Mobile banking with one click on the ATM.
  • Open Fixed Deposit: You can open your FD directly from the ATM machine with the help of your card and some other basic information.
  • Pay Tax: One can pay the tax directly from the ATM machine.
  • Credit Card Bill: You can pay your Credit Bill with the help of Debit card from ATM .

Parts of ATM:

ATM contains commonly two types of devices which allow users to conveniently use it.
1. Input Devices
2. Output Devices

Input Devices

Card Reader
ATM card reader

Card reader reads data of your Bank account from the ATM Card which is stored on the magnetic chip situated on the back side of your ATM card and sends it to the server for validation. Your activities related to transactions will be recorded and updated automatically without any manual intervention.

ATM Keypad

Keypad allows you to Enter the details like PIN, amount of money you want to withdraw , other person account number while making transaction, and other basic features like cancel, clear, enter, etc.,

Output Devices:

ATM Screen

Screen is the most important part of ATM which is used to display account related information , Account holder name, Available balance, etc.,) and also actions you need to take to successfully finish your transaction. Nowadays Some ATM’s have touch screen display feature too.


Speakers are commonly available in most of the ATM’s. It is provided to produce the audio feedback while you do any of your transactions.

Cash Dispenser
Cash Dispenser

Cash Dispenser is one of the most important output devices of the ATM. It is used to dispense the cash of user .

Receipt Printer
Receipt after transaction

It provides a receipt related to your transaction which have printed information like withdrawal amount, balance, date, time, location, etc.,

Things you don’t know about ATM

1. the Comedian Reg Varney inaugurated the world first ATM on On 27 June 1967, .
2. First ATM of the World was installed by Barclays Bank of London in the year 1967
3. First ATM in India was installed by HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) in the year 1987
4. First floating ATM in the world was installed by SBI (State Bank of India) at Kerala

5. When John Shepherd Barron invented ATM there was 6 digit PIN but it was difficult for his wife to remember 6 digit pin so he changed 6 digit pin to 4 digit pin.

ATM Other related Full form

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Hope all of your doubts related to ATM full form would be cleared. If you have any other Doubts related to ATM make sure to ask us in the Comment section.

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