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ACF Full form is Assistant Conservator of Forests

ACF Other Full form

  • ACF full form – Administration for Children and Families
  • ACF full form -American Culinary Federation
  • ACF full form -Auto-Correlation Function
  • ACF full form -Advanced Communications Function
  • ACF full form- Alt Comp Freeware
  • ACF full form- AmeriCredit Corporation
  • ACF full form- Austrian Cultural Forum
  • ACF full form- Alliance for Children and Families
  • ACF full form- Academic Competition Federation
  • ACF full form- Alaska Conservation Foundation
  • ACF full form- Access Control Facility
  • ACF full form- American Car Foundry
  • ACF full form- Area Control Facility
  • ACF full form- Association of Consulting Forester
  • ACF Full form – Advanced Communication Facility

What is ACF

Full form of ACF Stands for Assistant Conservator of Forests. Both State Forest Service and Indian Forest Service officers start their careers in the rank of Assistant Conservator of Forests (ACF). Indian Forest Service officers get promoted to the rank of Deputy Conservator of Forests quickly (at about 4 years of seniority) on clearing certain departmental examinations. State Forest Service officers remain in ACF relatively longer.

An ACF is an important officer in the administration of forest divisions. She/he may hold an independent charge of the office of a subdivision or may work as an assistant to the DFO. An ACF divides her time between field and office, with more emphasis on field. She inspects nurseries, plantations, supervises timber harvesting works, soil, and moisture conservation works, JFM extension works, etc. and instruct corrective measures to be taken. ACF manages man-animal conflict in the field and in sensitive cases leads raids to control forest offenses. His/Her dedicated fieldwork really can make all the difference! An ACF is also required to devote time to office works. She checks estimates of forestry works, prepares or reviews reports, attends audit queries. She also attends some district-level meetings on behalf of DFOs.

An ACF can expect to get a nice accommodation, often a bungalow. In some states, bungalow chowkidar and mali are also provided. She is provided with a vehicle and a driver for her official use. An ACF is given an office chamber with some personal staff. She gets to stay in forest rest houses. ACF Full form Stand for Assistant Conservator of Forests.

JOB Profile of Assistant Conservator of Forests.

The job profile of ACF is a supervisory role in between DFO and Range officer. DFO [Divisional Forest Officer] has a management role for the division whereas the Range office has a similar role under him for a range. ACF will be there to assist the DFO for all type of activities it is required for him.

The perks are as per the rank and eligibility in different Governments. Nothing special for ACF except a free scope to enjoy nature and biodiversity. The full form of ACF is Assistant Conservator of Forests

The exact nature of the work of an ACF depends on the post held by him. The most common post is that of a Sub-divisional Forest officer or Assistant Conservator of Forests. A subdivision consists of 2 or three ranges. Thus an SDO/ACF in a territorial forest division has 2 or 3 Range officers under him. A division consists of 2 or three subdivisions and hence DFO usually has 2 or three ACF’s under him. One of these SDO’s is posted at the divisional HQ that is the place where the DFO is posted. The other ACF’s are in the field.

2. The ACF is basically a first-line supervisor. The work of the Range Officer and the officials subordinate to him is to carry out the work. The ACF supervises the work. The DFO and higher officers are mainly concerned with decision making. The ACF thus coordinates as a link between the Range Officers and the DFO.

3. The ACF posted in the Divisional HQ has some additional responsibilities such as acting on behalf of the DFO when he is on tour or leave. He is basically the second in command of the division and carries out all the functions of the DFO except some financial and administrative duties which can be done by the DFO only.

4. Apart from the sub division, an ACF can be posted in Circle HQ as attached officer which is headed by a Conservator of Forests or Chief Conservator of Forests in some states. His work is to assist the CF/CCF and act on behalf of the CF/CCF when he is out of station.

5. in addition to above an ACF can be posted as an Assistant director in a National Park or as a Superintendent of a sanctuary. His designation in the Forest Corporation is assistant or deputy manager.

The various functions of an ACF are listed below:

Financial Functions: He has to examine the vouchers prepared by the Range officers and certify that the work has been done and the expenses are incurred as per the work performed. For this the ACF was to check the work in the field. Payments are made by the DFO on the basis of ACF’s recommendation.

Administrative Functions: The ACF usually sanctions leave of subordinate staff up to the level of deputy ranger. He is usually appointed an inquiry officer for departmental inquiries against forest guards and Foresters. In case of disciplinary action against Deputy Range officer and Range officer, the ACF is the Presenting officer. He has to write the ACR’s of staff from Forest guard to deputy range officer.

Technical Functions: An ACF has to supervise several works in the field such as marking of trees for felling, classification of logs to be sold by auction into various lots, the examination of plantations, timber depots, and nurseries.

Misc functions: An ACF has to conduct inquiries into various complaints. He also has to maintain a liaison with other departments. He may have to attend the meetings on behalf of the DFO and other senior officers.

Facilities: An ACF is generally provided an official vehicle with a driver. For office work, he has a clerk and a class four employees. He is provided official accommodation along with one or two helpers. So Full form of ACF Stands for Assistant Conservator of Forests

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