nda full form

Organizational Full Forms

NDA Full form , What is the full form of NDA [All About NDA ]

NDA Full Form has several meanings some of them are given below: NDA– NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY NDA-NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE NDA- NEW DRUG APPLICATIONS NDA- NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT Here we will discuss about the NDA full form which is NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY What… Continue Reading…

crpf full form

General Full Forms

CRPF Full Form , What is the Full Form of CRPF ? [All About CRPF ]

CRPF Full Form is ” Central Reserve Police Force “ What is CRPF ? The Full form of CRPF is Central Reserve Police Force. CRPF is the largest Central Armed Police Forces in India and it work under Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)… Continue Reading…

mbbs full form

Educational Full Forms

MBBS Full Form , What is the Full form of MBBS ? [All about MBBS]

MBBS Full form is “Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery” What is MBBS ? MBBS degree is an undergraduate course for candidates who have dream of becoming a doctor. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), is a… Continue Reading…

phd full form

Educational Full Forms

PhD Full Form , What is the Full form of Ph.d [ Brief detail ]

Full form of PhD “ Doctor of Philosophy” What is Ph.D.? Full form of PhD Stand for Doctor of Philosophy . Doctor of Philosophy, popularly known as Ph.D . Ph.D is a doctoral degree along with academic focus. A PhD… Continue Reading…

ATM Full form

Banking Full Forms

ATM Full Form , What is the full form of ATM along with Brief Detail ?

ATM Full Form is “Automated Teller Machine“ The full form of ATM is Automated Teller Machine. ATM is an electro-mechanical machine purpose to used for making financial transactions from a bank account. These machines are commonly used to withdraw money from personal bank accounts.… Continue Reading…

upsc full form

Organizational Full Forms

UPSC Full Form ,What is the full form of UPSC?

UPSC Full Form is “Union Public Service Commission“ UPSC Full Form stand for Union Public Service Commission is India’s central government agency that conducts various top-level exams for the recruitment of officers and staff into various services of the central… Continue Reading…

ssc exam

Organizational Full Forms

SSC Full Form , What is the full form of SSC ?

Full form of SSC is “Staff Selection Commission” What is SSC .. ? We hear a many of times by a lot of adults regarding SSC and its exams. Yet the hole clarification is not received unless one is being… Continue Reading…

mla full form

Political Full Forms

MLA Full Form, What is the Full form of MLA ?

The Full form of MLA is “Member of Legislative Assembly “. The Full form of MLA is Member of Legislative Assembly. MLA is a representative elected by the voters (Public) of a constituency to the legislature of the State government in India. Member of the Legislative… Continue Reading…

pwd full form

Organizational Full Forms

PWD Full form , What is the Full Form of PWD ?

The Full form of PWD is “Public Works Department“ What does PWD stand for ? The Full form of PWD is Public Works Department. PWD is a government department in India which is responsible for construction and maintenance of public property like Government building, roads, bridges,… Continue Reading…

gif full form

IT Full Forms

GIF Full Form , What is the Full form of GIF? What is GIF ?

The Full form of GIF is “Graphics Interchange Format “ What is GIF ? The full form of GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is a bitmap image which have a file extension .gif. It is largly used for still images and… Continue Reading…

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